Cam Lund


Cameron (please, call him Cam!) has lived in Kirkwood, MO for most of his life, giving him a rich appreciation for the St. Louis area.

In December of 2014, he graduated from Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla, MO, and began his professional hydraulics engineering career.

Alongside his career, his reputation for his homebrews gained reputation and a following in the St. Louis area, allowing him to pursue his dreams of starting his own brewery!

Outside of his work in hydraulic design and taking Bluewood Brewing to the professional scene, he is a foodie who enjoys St. Louis BBQ and beer. Once an avid cyclist, he prefers to spend his free time fly-fishing in southern Missouri in cold trout streams and camping with his friends.

Catch him for a pint, as he would love to tell you more about his brewing adventures and crazy stories!


grant lodholz


Grant was born and raised in Kirkwood, and even works three blocks from his childhood home. He graduated from Mizzou with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and where he first found his love of brewing. While attending Mizzou he started brewing with his friend Jeff Landsford, at first as a joke but soon developed into a life-long passion and dream to start his own brewery. He has a fierce pride for the St. Louis area, so it’s only fitting that STL be the opening location of Bluewood Brewing.

Grant currently works for a family owned company called DEMA Engineering as a design/sustaining engineer. Outside of work and brewing, you can find Grant with his two dogs hiking along trails, visiting campsites or under the trees in beautiful national parks. As an avid hiker and backpacker, Grant has a passion, bordering along obsession, for the outdoors. His hiking conquests include completing the John Muir Trail, Rim to Rim to Rim on the Grand Canyon, parts of the AT, CDT, PCT and the Ozark Trail just to name a few. Grant also enjoys rock climbing and hitting the pavement for an evening run. Did you know he’s even competed on teams for several half and full marathons?

Be sure to ask him about his adventures over a beer, he always loves meeting new people!

Joe Jones

People Operations and Strategy

If you are the youngest of nine brothers, you either hate beer or you love it. Joe seems to have landed in the latter category. The only Bluewood founder whose current home lies outside of the Show-Me state, Joe resides in Old Town Alexandria, VA with his wife Jen and their hound mix, Brinley Gold.

An industrial-organizational psychologist (um...yeah...what’s that?!) with a whole lotta experience consulting with companies and government agencies, Joe seems to know a little about the people side of business (check out his chapter in the Talent Management Handbook if you don’t believe us!)

He also seems to care a lot about the outdoors and the environment - he has been a member and volunteer of a number of environmental groups - and even wrote a novel about environmental activists called The Perfect Island!

If you don’t catch Joe nerding out over organizational psychology, protesting a pipeline, or drinking a Leviathan, then you might not catch him at all. He loves to travel and tries to visit a brewpub, brewery or distillery in whatever city or country he happens to be in. Ask him about his favorites.

Mike jones

Sales and Financial management

The eighth of nine brothers (Joe is his only younger brother), Mike is happy he had one brother to pass on his love of beer to.

His broad career has crossed many aspects of running a business, from engineering to production management to supply chain to sales, and he hopes to use that experience to help set Bluewood Brewing on a solid foundation and enable its growth.

His proudest accomplishment though is raising his three (now grown) children with his incredible wife, Lisa. Now that they are empty nesters, he plans to spend a lot of time with Bluewood, traveling and enjoying good beer. He is a big fan of almost all major sports - feel free to sit with him to enjoy a cold one and catch the latest sporting event.


Todd Thayer

Business Development Officer

TJ’s parents threw him a huge 5th birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. They were so concerned with getting all of the kids home they didn’t realize TJ was hiding in the ball pit. Unfortunately, they were unable to recover their son until the next morning. He spent the evening sleeping inside an animatronic gorilla and survived by snacking on discarded pizza crusts. In order to ease the trauma, when his parents picked him up, his mother gave him a magic cape. Several failed attempts at flying and many trips to the emergency room later, his mother revealed to him that it was in fact, just a bath towel. If you know TJ, stories like this explain a lot about him.