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Bluewood Brewing is new to the St. Louis beer scene, but we're already making a name for ourselves.

Ales for Tails 2017

1st Place – People’s Choice

Our first public showing resulted in a 1st place victory with our award-winning Proprietor’s 4th Anniversary Stout, taking an overwhelming vote from the crowd to further solidify our love for stouts!

10th and 11th Annual Fest-of-Ale

Young Friend’s Cup Champion

On a warm fall evening Bluewood Brewing debuted several new beers including a crowd favorite Dancing with the Pumpkin King, which helped earn a landslide win for the Young Friend’s Cup against nearly 30 of the St. Louis area’s favorite breweries.


Our award-winning brewers push the limits of the art of brewing. Help share our biggest accomplishments with the greatest beer scene in the world!


Arch City Haze


A creamy and dank New England style IPA bursting with natural hop flavors and aroma.

Charlie’s ItcH


A vibrant IPA modeled after the West Coast explosion that started it all, packed full of cascade, amarillo, simcoe, and warrior hops.

Café Noir


A bold breakfast stout filled with creamy flaked oats in the mash, featuring various local roasters from the St. Louis area!

Marooned MaraudeR


Once a porter, this ale has transformed into a tropical Cascadian black ale and receives aging on chunks of pineapple and mango.



A rich & chocolatey oatmeal stout pumped full of real peanuts for a chewy peanut butter stout!



A similar recipe to the Arch City Haze New England IPA, this juicy ale gets fermented on real orange zest.

Bananas & BloW


Traditional Bavarian hefeweizen with a balanced aroma and taste of cloves, banana, and light bubblegum.



Dancing with the Pumpkin King


An imperial amber ale brewed with organic pumpkins in the mash which is then fermented and aged on various fall spices including cinnamon, cloves, allspice and vanilla beans.

Proprietor’s Anniversary Stout


A celebration of our anniversary of brewing beginning October 12th, 2012, this imperial breakfast stout.

Feux de la Rampe


A dry & crisp farmhouse ale bursting with citrus notes after aging on whole coriander seeds and zested lime.

Better Not Pout Stout


A rich spice-filled winter warmer beaming with warm alcohol notes and smooth vanilla, cinnamon, and cloves.

Odd-Ball Beers



Leviathan is our staple Russian imperial stout brewed usually once a year. This massive stout is filled with deep coffee notes, bitter chocolate, English hops and dark fruits.



A feat in yeast fermentation, Testify is an enormous quadruple IPA (yes we made that up) with pounds and pounds of West Coast hops balanced with a natural heat and sweetness of a beer that exceeds 20% ABV. Tasting notes of stone fruits, candied sugar, gold tequila, and orange marmalade.

Barrel-Aging Program

While most of the Bluewood products start as a very rich and complex beer, many gain much deeper complexities through the art of barrel-aging. By aging in wooden spirit barrels, flavor impartment and natural phenomena occur over the duration of aging from oxidation, wood toasting, and natural oak tannins.

Barrel-Aged Leviathan


Our regular Leviathan which then matures with time in the barrel, picking up notes of bourbon, vanilla, chocolate, tobacco, and light smoke and barrel char. This beer is usually blended of several batches and has several (and continuously changing) blends and variants

Beheading Leviathan


Much like Barrel-Aged Leviathan, this beer is essentially the same recipe turned up to 11 and then some! This warrior of a stout may just be the only way to kill the Leviathan. A truly evil dessert stout, Beheading Leviathan is warm to the taste with a chewy and velvety mouthfeel, exploding with vanilla and coffee beans.

Barrely Legal


Barrely Legal (a play on the word barrel for those wondering how to pronounce) is a bright blonde ale which is then soured for more than a year in chardonnay barrels. While in the barrel, two additions of peaches are made to provide a tart explosion of juiciness.

The Stone


This American wild ale is aged in whiskey barrels with wild yeasts and bacteria for 14 months to promote a vivid tartness with a bit of funk with juicy body thanks to a second fermentation with the addition of raspberry puree!


Meet us in Saint Louis


We believe St. Louis has one of the best beer scenes in the world. We’re proud to call it home. We’re open now and can’t wait to see you here.

1821 Cherokee St.
St. Louis, MO 63118



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Mac’s Local Eats is open until 10 pm every day the brewery is open.


Many beginnings come together to accomplish one goal: make artisan ales worth a celebration. This is our story…

The name “Bluewood Brewing” is derived from nicknames for the college homes of its brewers – one called “Ol' Blue” and the other known as “Plywood.” The brewers formed a lot of memories here and found their love of craft beer.

Before establishing Bluewood, Cameron Lund founded Bray Avenue Brew Co. on October 12th, 2012 in Rolla, MO. In this home grown operation he had only 1/6 bbl capacity, and continued to operate at that production capacity into 2018. To commemorate this experience, Bluewood celebrates its anniversary on Oct. 12th each year.

In 2015, Grant Lodholz joined Cameron as co-brewer and established Bluewood. The pair earned a following and reputation with their unique artisan ales in the St. Louis area, pushing them to take their passion and create a professional production. By the end of 2016, the two combined their brewing knowledge and expertise with the efforts of Michael and Joseph Jones to form the “Original Four.”

Their unique offerings and approach to the art of brewing helped establish their presence and products in the local brewing community. Now the crew is working toward a brick-and-mortar establishment where they can explore new techniques and share their craft year round.

As Bluewood grows, we'll continue to push the limits of the art and science behind our beers. We look forward to serving you.


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