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Saint Brewis

Recap: St. Louis Brewers Guild Heritage Festival 2017


"Dangerously drinkable and deliciously smooth and creamy
with great chocolate, coffee, vanilla and barrel characteristics, Bluewood has definitely put themselves on my radar
as far as new breweries to watch."

Saint brewis

Beering Impaired, Episode 30

Cam and Grant share an IPA called "Testify" that comes in at 24% ABV (not a typo) and two barrel aged stouts, discuss plans for the future of Bluewood Brewing, and more.

Drink 314

Ultimate 6er | Pour lists from 6 new STL brewers for Heritage Festival


"Truthfully, I don’t know much about these brewers, which makes them so intriguing.  But I can tell you that they have been busy brewers because they are coming to the Heritage Festival armed with ALL TEN beers they have been crafting."

Keeping Tabs STL

(ce)Real Talk - An Afternoon with the Brewers of Heritage Festival, 2017

"They had an awesome BA RIS named Leviathan
with Blueprint espresso and vanilla beans."